Company Investigations Department

Running a business often involves high risk. In order to minimize it, we will help you check your potential business partners and dispel doubts about your employees.

In order to do this, we:

  • conduct a professional company investigation, examine, among others, the financial, legal and human resources situation of the company with which you plan to cooperate
  • verify contractors; we will provide a reliable analysis of a potential contractor in order to obtain accurate and current data, thanks to which the possible undertaking or refusal of the cooperation will be supported by facts, not by gut feeling or by the influence of the moment
  • check the credibility of the employee / employees if you have doubts about their integrity, the effectiveness of the work or suspect the theft of your property or company data. In addition, we will check whether the employee cares for the client properly or if he / she uses the company equipment (e.g. car, etc.) for private purposes
  • verify the suspicion of sick leave abuse by the employee

Thanks to our actions you can be sure that your employee deserves your support and trust.