We are a group of licensed private investigators, which, in contrast to the one-man detective office, gives us resources and possibilities to act quickly and effectively. The company has been active since 2014 with offices in Poland and Great Britain. We have our branches in Katowice, Kraków, Kielce, Lublin, Sandomierz, Wrocław and Warsaw, and in Great Britain in London, Manchester and Leeds.

We provide our Clients with the highest level of services, full discretion and loyalty. As specialists, we are able to enter a hermetic environment to accomplish the tasks entrusted to us.

We undertake both typical cases (documentation of betrayal, searching for missing people, maintenance matters, etc.) as well as more complex cases for individual and business Clients. We work unconventionally, we combine tradition with modernity to increase our effectiveness.

Thanks to an extensive network of contacts we are able to obtain reliable information and work on the most challenging cases.

We have true compassion and understanding for our Clients’ problems, therefore, our detective agency is regarded as trustworthy and professional.

The principal of PRIVATE POLISH DETECTIVE AGENCY LIMITED Tomasz Szewc, is a member of the Association of British Investigators, which is working with the Law Society of England & Wales and included in the Law Society of Scotland Approved Supplier Scheme

Trade/Business Private investigator Public liability up to

We guarantee
complete anonymity

We work legally
and according to the law